Hype Socks makes socks that are famous not only for their comfort but for their appearance as well. A host of customization options such as the choice of color, text, length give Hype Socks an unparalleled outer appearance that is too eye-catching to ignore. Baseball stirrup socks with your chosen placement of stripes and color scheme may make your team stand out, but you must keep them in proper condition so that they continue to outshine the opposite team.

Below are some tips for you to keep your socks in superb condition.

Get Them Washed After a Game

If you want your custom baseball stirrups to maintain their amazing appearance and shape for a long time, it is advisable not to let them stay unwashed after a game, fil犀利士 led with stains of grass and an unpleasant smell. Instead, douse your socks straightaway after a game. If you cannot fully attend the whole process of washing right after an intense game of baseball, make sure you wet the socks thoroughly with water and vinegar so that they can be washed in the morning.

Make Use of Mesh Bag

We are all familiar with the annoyance caused by the disappearance of a sock. It is just too common of an occurrence. Your annoyance will get multiplied if you lose a sock that was custom made as per your specifications. That is why it is best to wash your Hype Socks in a mesh bag so that a pair of socks remain a pair.

Use a Washing Powder with Enzyme

Not all detergents are great at dealing with socks that are saturated with sweat. Moisture-wicking socks do a fantastic job of keeping your feet dry during the game, but this doesn’t mean they get rid of all the sweat and are completely free of it; they have sweat imbued in them after a game. That is why it is required that you use a detergent that contains a good amount of enzymes as such detergents clean the socks off of any remaining sweat completely.

Use Cold Water for Maintaining Color

Although hot water has shown that it is better at getting rid of germs than the cold water, it is not the best option for maintaining the prominence of your socks’ color. For that purpose, use cold water to wash your socks and make sure you look for a detergent that is created specifically to work with cold water. You can also dip your Hype Socks in hot water for some time and then fully wash them using cold water.

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