We all splurge money on high-quality sports shoes, cleats, equipment, athletic apparel, and much more. We carefully observe their p erformance and as soon as there is any sign of wear and tear on them, we instantly replace them with new items. The same treatment should be given to your custom logo elite socks from Hype Socks as well.

The majority of us tend to become a tad bit stingy when it comes to replacing our socks. We continue to wear them even when they have served their time. It is important to note that athletic socks, although quite durable and reliable for athletic performance, tend to lose their threading over time and become unfit for better performance. It is recommended that you should replace your old pair of sports socks with a new one every 3 to 6 months.

We have listed down some signs of wear and tear in your socks that signal toward a new purchase. Let’s take a look at them.

Presence of Spots And Holes

We all know how painful and unbearable blisters can be. When there are holes and thin spots in our sports socks, chances of developing blisters in your feet increase significantly. But if you replace your socks in time, you will not have to go through those pains.

Poor Shape And Form

Just take a look at a pair of new socks and old socks. You will find that your old sports socks would be way too stretched out, something which will fail to provide you with the necessary arch and ankle support needed in sports. This absence of support from old socks can cause ankle injuries as well.

Growing Hot Spots

Old, worn-out socks will cause friction and lead to hot spots, which is a sort of warning of an imminent blister. If you fail to notice the apparent poor condition of your old socks, growing hot spots will definitely direct your attention toward them. Hype Socks makes some of the best athletic socks in the country. In terms of material, durability, customization, design, no other maker can match Hype Socks’ quality of socks. But do know that when you have used your athletic socks for a while, you should always replace them with a new pair of socks for consistent performance in games. Buy brand new custom football socks from us and keep performing at a higher level without any discomfort.

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