You may have noticed them on the legs of runners moving past you in a park or a game of basketball worn by some players. We are talking about the knee-high socks, also known as compression socks, which as the name suggests, go up till the knees of the wearer. These socks have great elasticity and are quite strong. By wearing knee-high socks, you will experience that your legs do not tire and ache like they normally do and the swelling around your ankles and feet goes down considerably. Not only that, you will have found a good treatment for your odd-looking varicose veins as well with these compression socks.

At Hype Socks, you can buy custom basketball team socks that aren’t only of knee-length but feature your customized phrase, logo, and color scheme as well. You can buy these socks in different colors and styles so that they go well with your team’s jerseys. Below are some benefits of wearing knee-high socks for basketball players.

  • Players can better blood flow in the legs. Calf muscles of basketball players get strained because of the to and fro movement in the court. These socks contribute toward the pumping action, which promotes the flow of blood from your legs toward the heart. As the blood circulation improves in the legs, the lactic acid gets reduced, which is responsible for the soreness that players feel with excessive running. As a result, your performance improves as your leg muscles feel less tired
  • The reason why you’ll find many basketball players wearing knee-high socks is that it gives them the much-needed ankle support and stability required to play at a professional level. Since the players have to make turns at high speed and repeatedly jump and land on their ankles, their ankles must be provided with firm stability, which the knee-high socks amply supply. You as a player will bring down your chances of injury and muscle fatigue with these socks
  • Basketball players often stop suddenly in their runs to trick their opponents. Now this calls for a pair of knee-high socks that will provide you with proper traction so that you do not slide in your shoes whenever you stop abruptly. That is the reason why Hype Socks makes knee high basketball socks with maximum cushioning around the ankles and heels 

Knee-high custom basketball socks with a logo of your choice will provide the team with a distinct look with its unique appearance along with allowing players to perform to the best of their abilities.

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